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The Association for Education and Solidarity in Uruguay follows in the tradition of popular Latino-American education influenced by thinkers such as Paolo Freire, José Luis Rebellato and the dependent school of social psychology of Enrique Pichon-Rivière.

The association offers a vision of education as a vehicle of individual and collective emancipation.


The aim of the Association for Education and Solidarity is to

  1. construct new alternatives for transfoming the situation of marginalisation and exclusion in cooperation with young people and adolescents. This permits the development of opportunities for reintegration into social, political, cultural and economic life.
  2. advise individuals, groups and institutions who are working with populations in vulnerable social circumstances giving particular focus to adolescents and their families.
  3. participate in programmes of social intervention (guidance, advice, mediation, access to rights and social benefits) directed towards families and communities in disadvantaged circumstances.

“Education and Solidarity” develops initiatives in the following areas: early years education and education of young people, socio-educational activity programmes for adolescents and young people.


Pedagogical principles

  • Learning by doing : learn, create, have significant experiences,
  • Education to reinforce social ties: develop in relation with others by fostering interpersonal ties, peer training, ties between parents and children,
  • Education as a vehicle of autonomy and the further development of personal projects
  • Education for building citizenship: knowing ones rights and using them, learning ones duties and offering critical lenses of analysis for the world.

In its foundation the Association Education Solidarity is underpinned by the Association CFEE, a member of the federation. The latter was organised around the training of educators but without direct intervention in the community. In 2001, the CFEE contributed to the creation of Education and Solidarity. Since 2012, CFEE has ceased its activities, certain of its members and its measures have been integrated into the initiatives of Education and Solidarity, member of FICEMEA in 2012.

Thus, the issue of training teams remains a central element in the work of Education and Solidarity. For example, there are courses for combatting intra-familial violence within the community and the region.


The service provided today is directed towards supporting the education of young people: from early childhood up until adulthood in working-class districts in the city of Montevideo and in the departments in the interior of the country.

Five welcome centres host the early childhood sector (2 to 4 years) which represents more than 300 children benefitting from being received in an open environment. One youth centre offers socio-cultural and prevention initiatives. Another programme consisting of six projects is destined for unemployed young adults in order to develop their skills and help them to get to grips with the world of work. This educational support allows work experience for six months and as a result, it broadens horizons. The challenge is to support the person in their experience of work.


Education Solidarité
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