Association Grains of Peace


Grains of Peace is a local association recently set up by members of the Algerian Network of Mediators active since July 2005 throughout the national territory in setting up measures to prevent conflict and rebuild human relations in a society that has been marked by a period of sorrowful and often tragic events and is therefore seeking peace, tranquillity, justice and tolerance. Conflict management via meditation is one of the most practical ways to accomplish the association’s goals and respond to beneficiaries’ needs collectively.

At present, Grains of Peace has approximately twenty mediators, group leaders and trainers promoting intercultural exchanges who are active in various sectors (education, youth, mental health, justice and entrepreneurship).

Grains of Peace is active at a local, national and international level using methods and tools to promote and facilitate: participative communication, listening, understanding, valuing others, respecting difference, solidarity, cooperation, civic duty and active citizenship.

Grains of Peace uses artistic and multi-media tools (art, music, theatre, song, photos, videos, etc) as means of expression and of recognising potential.

Grains of peace implements educational programmes in relation to civic education, human rights and children’s rights, citizenship, communications and peaceful conflict management.

Grains of Peace develops partnership projects with NGOs on a local, national and international scale.


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