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Ceméa Ivory Coast

          OBJECTIVES AND ACTIVITIES Main objective The Training, through active methods, of educational social stakeholders,  volunteers and professionals, the incentive and impetus of training dynamics, the promotion of projects, the pooling of ideas, activities and initiatives

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the Association des Amis du Belvédère

  Presentation Created in 1989, the Association des Amis du Belvédère has always brought together volunteering citizens, conscious of preserving the ecological and cultural heritage of this 110-hectare urban Park, the only real greenbelt right in the heart of the

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Ceméa Togo

Presentation Activities • working with young people about the school day • raising awareness of the ecological dimension dynamics: evening school, insertion: support for private foundations and companies The Togo Training Centres for Active Education Methods are proposing to organise

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Ceméa Gabon

  Presentation Objectives Approved by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Training Centres for Active Education Methods have technical recognition in the training of managerial staff of coordinators at the holiday centres in Gabon. It is for this reason

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Ceméa Cameroon

Presentation General objective Assist in the training of man for its development Specific objective Promote active education methods Encourage exchanges between those who work in order to improve the living conditions of the target audience Gain a better awareness of

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Ceméa Senegal

    Presentation Objectives Defence and promotion of the new education values and active education methods. The Senegal Training Centres for Active Education Methods implement voluntary, solidary and participatory actions whose objective is to contribute to the qualitative transformation of

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Ceméa Mali

Presentation The projects of the Mali Training Centres for Active Education Methods are part of the prerogatives objectives supported by Education for all, and the fight against poverty. The association is working on the improvement of the quality of reception

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Association Grains of Peace

Presentation Grains of Peace is a local association recently set up by members of the Algerian Network of Mediators active since July 2005 throughout the national territory in setting up measures to prevent conflict and rebuild human relations in a

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the Algerian Association for Children and Volunteer Foster Families (AAEFAB)

Presentation Supporting the integration of vulnerable children into society. Preventing infanticide and abandonment and providing assistance to vulnerable mothers. Since 1987, this association has accommodated children deprived of their families in nurseries. It is unique thanks to its innovative approach

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