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Approved by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Training Centres for Active Education Methods have technical recognition in the training of managerial staff of coordinators at the holiday centres in Gabon. It is for this reason why Training Centres for Active Education Methods are working in several areas, such as that of outdoors, and more specifically on the environmental issue.

2012 activities

  • Partnership: Gabon Training Centres for Active Education Methods have organised with a South Korean NGO: DAEJAYON a discussion in order to equip themselves on issues related to environmental protection.
  • Trained coordinators have been to the holiday centres and summer camps in the summer of 2012. These coordinators trained in the field of ecology and biodiversity have raised the awareness of children. The majority of them having a line of work based on issues related to environmental education.Capture4
  • DEAJAYON is in partnership with young people, and in universities and the Grandes Ecoles worldwide, and, through students’ networks, supports programmes such as Green School, Green Campus and Green World and fighting for the protection of the global environment.
  • Topics in the 2012 camps: protecting the environment, ecotourism, control of environmental risks, artistic creation, command of English and sports activities.

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