Ceméa Cameroon


General objective

Assist in the training of man for its development

Specific objective

  • Promote active education methods
  • Encourage exchanges between those who work in order to improve the living conditions of the target audience
  • Gain a better awareness of early childhood by raising the awareness of decision-makers, partners and parents.

Areas of intervention

  • education for all
  • leisure activities and holiday work
  • promoting equality
  • environmental protection and sustainable development
  • training
  • research

The network may put into place the following strategies

  • organisation of holiday work
  • setting up of drop-in, leisure and supervisory centres
  • setting up of children’s groups
  • setting up of listening, counselling and administration centres
  • completion of studies
  • dissemination of the research results
  • setting up of a training centre based on active education methods.
  • Any other action which may enable the promotion of active methods.


Ceméa Cameroon

BP 8351


Tél : 00 237 99 96 17 33


Daouda Njoya


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