Association CAEB (Benin Council for Educational Activities)

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Non-governmental organisation (NGO) specialising in training, schooling and education and development.

The aim is to ensure the ongoing training of educators in order to promote the well-being of children, women, adolescents and adults. This implies partnership actions which create and build a network of educational and social spaces for education and training.

Structuring: a national bureau and six sub-prefectoral departmental and sub-prefectoral delegation satellites.

  • Approach Ministers responsible for education and suggest that the association participates in determining educational polices and improvements to education quality.
  • Develop leisure, social action and cultural programmes;
  • Fight to promote human rights and children’s rights.
  • Strive to ensure basic schooling for children, adolescents, young people, women and adults by providing alphabetisation classes and by grouping some participants in revenue-generating projects as part of an integrated development approach and Education For All.
  • Fight juvenile delinquency by appropriate preventive initiatives and family and social reintegration.


  • The Opération Bouquins du Bénin (OBB) which consists of providing disadvantaged schools with textbooks and teaching materials and of meeting the specific training needs of teachers in the use of these textbooks and various equipment of future development officers.
  • Children’s groups: their organisation is done in rotation by mothers trained for this purpose in order to create of playful preschool education.
  • Setting up of scientific and technical discovery clubs, physical, sports and socially responsible activities, artistic expression, leisure centre without accommodation
  • Training of primary teachers in Scientific and Technological Education and in Artistic Education.
  • Creation and organisation of School and University libraries in all centres of the CAEB (one for every department).
  • Promotion of excellence in a school and university environment (VALLET Scholarship), approximately 1,000 beneficiaries throughout Benin.
  • Education about Better Nutrition of children (from the age of 0 to 5) in the communes at risk
  • Sponsoring of children.
  • Career centres (sewing and hairdressing) for young girls who find themselves out of school.
  • Organisation of cyber cafés and a language laboratory.
  • Maxillofacial surgery (in collaboration with Médecins du Monde).
  • Leisure activities with children and teenagers.
  • The Community school of Besseh is aimed at training articulating intellectual and productive work.

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