The CEDEM (Education and Development Centre for Mauritian Children) is one of the non-governmental organisations that looks after vulnerable children including handicapped children, orphans, abuse victims, poverty-stricken children and street children, thanks mainly to a plethora of social and educational services and projects. The CEDEM actively campaigns to promote children’s survival, protection, development and rights. Its main objective is to improve the quality of children’s lives.

In 2009, the CEDEM celebrated its 25 year anniversary. The organisation and its partners are now more determined than ever to continue to fight for a Mauritius that is worthy of its children.


To give each child a better future.


A society where each child is cherished and has access to high-quality education.


  • Offering Mauritian children a comprehensive education that is not merely academic but also providing them with the tools to become well-adjusted citizens who are useful to society.
  • Support vulnerable children and children in need.
    • Raise awareness among parents of their key role in educating children.
    • Support families in difficulty.
  • Train teachers, youth workers and social workers.
  • Offer Mauritian children recreational opportunities targeting the most deprived areas of the island as a priority.


  • Early childhood development centre: the preschool section of the specialist schools for children including those that target children that are handicapped or slow learners
  • Activity and recreational unit
  • Children’s home: gradual rebuilding within an appropriate framework
  • Community development project: setting up of educational and social projects in underprivileged areas. Street library, English and French language programmes, Street activity sessions, Parent training, building refurbishment
  • A project  specifically aimed at integrating handicapped children : in a primary and secondary school with specially adapted sections for slow learners and handicapped children
  • A family advice centre: a forum for listening offering support and advice, practical and concrete solutions to problems, timely assistance from doctors, speech and language therapists, psychologists and educational consultants.
  • A therapeutic unit: medical treatment with a full range of therapies available including physiotherapy, massage therapy and psychotherapy
  • A training school: for training young volunteers between 14 and 25 years, CEDEM staff, parents and members of other organisations.


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Beetun Lane
Allée Brillant Floréal
République de Maurice
Tél : (+230) 697 7640
Fax : (+230) 697 7640
site : http://www.lecedem.org

La Caverne n°2
République de Maurice
Tél : (+230) 696 1176

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