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CEMEA in the federation of Wallonia Brussels is

An educational MOVEMENT

which asserts that education is for all, without distinction of age, culture, sex, beliefs, social circumstances, that it is continual and that every human being can develop and transform himself throughout the lifespan;

which supports the idea that education must be grounded in activity, essential in individual training and in the acquisition of culture and which considers that the environment is primordial in the development of the individual.

A training organisation

which affirms that training is a space of permanent education, social existence characterised by the interests of collective action and that it must privilege the development of knowledge by the individual himself to strengthen his skills and his capacity for action; which is addressed towards all persons paid or volunatry, engaged in cultural, educational and social initiatives…and who, in their association, in their workplace, in their daily life, their personal commitments…believe in the possibility of each person developing throughout his or her lifespan; which puts in place different systems (training, research, exchange…) to foster the emancipation and the awareness of agents of change on issues of education in society.



  • Training in the field of permanent education (socio-cultural activities).
  • Skills training for street and neighbourhood activities and extracurricular training.
  • Training of professionals of the After-School Reception (ATL) for three to twelve year olds.
  • Training of professionals in early years education (0-3 years).

The CEMEA respond to the demands of the organising powers or school directors by putting in place training projects adapted to their specific requirements.

A few examples

Activities encouraging self-expression, setting up projects, the development of well-being units, education about gender equality, integration of children with disabilities…


Service d’éducation permanente
39 boîte 3, avenue de la Porte de Hal
1060 Bruxelles
Tél : 00 32  2 543 05 94


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