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Defence and promotion of the new education values and active education methods. The Senegal Training Centres for Active Education Methods implement voluntary, solidary and participatory actions whose objective is to contribute to the qualitative transformation of society, by relying in particular on:

  • new relationships between individuals, based on more freedom and autonomy;
  • a critical attitude;
  • the respect for human rights, in particular those of women, children and the vulnerable classes.
  • The transmission to young people of the values held by sport (team spirit, spirit of overcoming, discipline, respect for others etc.)
  • The development of self-dependency, awareness and responsibility;
  • The adopting of a socially responsible attitude;
  • Preparation for their adult life;
  • The existence of a meeting and outreach centre;
  • The democratisation of young peoples’ access to WCs,
  • The response to the needs of breaking away from school timetables;
  • Promoting social inclusion through sport;
  • The development of traditional games;
  • The guarantee of physical and emotional security for children and young people.


Training of instructors at the Training Centres for Active Education Methods, training of teachers, general activities staff, organisers in specific fields, instructors and head teachers of educational communities.

Field actions

Awareness, advocacy and lobbying. Organisation of educational communities: summer camps, sponsorship, teenagers’ camps, construction sites etc. Setting up of early childhood community structures. Tool production workshops. Implementation of local development projects.


Ceméa S
BP 29068
Dakar Yoff – Sénégal
Tél : 00 221 33 823 33 84



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