The aims of the ASMEA project are

  • to encourage the integration of migrant students into the education system,
  • to contribute to their integration into schools,
  • to develop intercultural education.
  • ASMEA is part of the European network “Schools without racism” (1991)

The tasks

  • To promote civil society through implementation of concrete social actions for sustainable development, contributing to the development and valuing of human potential.

ASMEA is active in national and European projects whose objectives are:

  • social inclusion with particular focus given to the Roma community,
  • equal development of communities,
  • the reduction of school drop-out rates among disadvantaged students through leisure and prevention activities in education centres
  • The creation of an information and advice centre to fight against unemployment.
  • improved sanitation for the Roma (preventative health campaign, creation of a healthcare meeting point in remote areas)
  • rehabilitation of infrastructure in isolated Roma communities
  • training of socio-cultural facilitators
  • promotion of the intercultural dimension
  • sharing good practice in education with European associations through the creation of manual and an interactive platform on education for teachers, students and migrant associations in order to exchange methods and build tolerance.

The activities

  • Social services for groups with fewer opportunities
  • information, advice and mediation around domestic work
  • permanent training
  • Training for European, national and local socio-cultural facilitators
  • Intercultural training for the promotion of inter-community collaboration.
  • Environmental protection and preservation.
  • information sharing with citizens
  • organisation of inter-disciplinary seminars on sustainable development.
  • Promotion of European and national culture.
  • Partnership working with NGOs, educational institutions and local authorities.
  • Surveys and research.
  • Advocating for human rights.


ASMEA (Actiuni Sociale Prin Metode Educative Active)
STR Malinului Bloc 63, esc B, Appt 6
3340 Ocna Mures Juel Alba
Tél : 00 40 74 45 45 445
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