MÉPACQ, the Mouvement d’éducation populaire et d’action communautaire du Québec, is a national, multi-sectoral movement working for social transformation from a social justice perspective. It is made up of 11 regional tables in autonomous popular education (ÉPA) that bring together 333 autonomous popular and community groups.

The MÉPACQ was born out of the desire of popular groups to group together around the concept of the ÉPA. These groups, with the support of the ICÉA, formed the Comité de coordination des OVEP du Québec in 1973. It was at one of these general meetings that the current definition of PAS was adopted, as was the option of extending an organizational model based on regional tables to the whole of Quebec. In 1981, this committee became the MÉPACQ.


The primary objective of the Movement is to work for social transformation from a perspective of social justice.


The preferred means of achieving this objective is autonomous popular education (APE).

Fields of action

This commitment to social transformation through PAA practices is mainly reflected in two major fields of action that are inseparable from each other:

1- Getting involved in social struggles by :

  • supporting social struggles led by other social actors;
  • participating in social struggles with other social actors;
  • initiating or carrying out social struggles autonomously;
  • equipping themselves to advance social struggles.

2- Work on the recognition, funding and development of autonomous popular education in order to :

  • to enable grassroots groups to wage social struggles;
  • prevent the financing of popular and community groups from encouraging the disengagement of the State;
  • that state recognition and funding respects our societal project;
  • to be equipped in our self-directed popular education practices.


Guidance is provided by the Movement as a whole, i.e. the grassroots groups, the Regional Tables and the national coordination.

The MEPACQ builds various animation tools, including animation guides: “social justice, climate justice”, “to fight racism, let’s act! “Why strike at the community level? » …. Available on the MEPACQ website:

MÉPACQ | | ADRESSE | 1600, avenue De Lorimier Bureau 274 Montréal (Québec) H2K 3W5 | CONTACT | Tel. 514-843-3236

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