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Canaan institute for the new pedagogy

Presentation The main objectives Encourage the exchange of experiences and practices between the different stakeholders who work in the Gaza Strip. Develop the principles of new teaching methods in order to improve the quality of social and educational work. Promote

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the Algerian Association for Children and Volunteer Foster Families (AAEFAB)

Presentation Supporting the integration of vulnerable children into society. Preventing infanticide and abandonment and providing assistance to vulnerable mothers. Since 1987, this association has accommodated children deprived of their families in nurseries. It is unique thanks to its innovative approach

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Cultures and migrations

The way we look at new education and its values today cannot put aside a part of our history that saw the rise of support for peace movements at the dawn of the 20th century, nourished by humanist and egalitarian

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The project

The ambition of the FICEMEA is to federate the action of its associate members in order to promote active education methods, new education as widely as possible and to contribute to the transformation of educative and social practices throughout the

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