PSWP is an association coordinating the different young people’s reception centres across Poland. This organisation brings together the different informal education centres. PSWP coordinates extracurricular education institutions working for the well-being and development of children and young people during their free time.

PSWP was founded in 2002 as a national association bringing together 47 member organisations across Poland.

Their primary objectives are:

– to promote the activities of organisations working in the field of informal education.

– to help and support informal education organisations. The idea is to create synergy between formal and information education in order to avoid youth social exclusion.

The association’s missions are

  • Initiate and support activities which allow young people and children to develop know-how and autonomy.
  • Encourage involvement in sport and tourism
  • Research methods of international cooperation favouring European integration, a spirit of democracy, human respect and children’s rights.
  • Fight against xenophobia, racism,

Set up activities for the prevention of addiction, delinquency and more generally the social exclusion of young people and children.

PSWP has a long-standing partnership with FICEMEA and the European EAICY platform.


The institutions coordinated by PSWP work across the following areas:

  • artistic, scientific and sporting activities
  • international cooperation and international youth exchanges activities
  • different types of leisure activities during winter and summer holidays (in towns, as youth camps)
  • conferences, workshops for young people, young people’s educators and facilitators
  • collaboration with a number of educational and cultural institutions in Poland and abroad,
  • a repository of resources and information for young people.

PSWP has a broad overview of the challenges of informal education in Poland and Europe-wide. The association is a force for mobilisation and reflection.


Centrum Mlodziezy im. dr. Henryka Jordan
ul. Krupnicza 38
31-123 Krakow
Tél : 00 48 012 430 00 15
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Monika Stachnik

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