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Dock Europe is an association founded in Hamburg and hosted principally by five people (four women and one man, three German and two French)

Dock Europe works in the field of community education, further education and social work. The association aims to promote mobility as a learning method as well as the inclusion of intercultural problems into the education of young people and adults. Its aim is to develop pedagogical and social initiatives taking into account the linguistic and cultural diversity inherent to the societies which constitute Europe, at the heart of which we live. With more than ten years experience, dock europe is situated at the heart of an international and moreover European network of institutions, associations, professionals, students, apprentices and campaigners. Thus it provides a rich platform, anchored locally, of skills, experience and resources at the interface of social work and the building of Europe. Dock Europe hopes, thanks to its suggestions, to reinforce the capacity of the public of all ages and backgrounds to take part in cooperative exchanges within Europe and beyond. From this perspective, Dock Europe offers the public, on the one hand, the development of know-how concerning cooperation, setting up international projects, intercultural learning and on the other hand an opportunity to reflect and acquire theoretical knowledge which is indispensable to a social and political understanding of the emerging European space.

 For 10 years the association has been developing the following activities

Dock Europe provides for the establishment and maintenance of European programmes of mobility (individual or collective) in the domain of social work: bilateral exchanges (French-German) and trilateral (French-German-Libanese, French-German-Algerian, etc.), workshops and seminars as part of continuing education: training in intercultural pedagogy (particularly through raising awareness of language), conferences on social themes (such as poverty, multilingualism or the health of migrants) and workshops on professional skills (public speaking, managing conflict etc.) the support or moderation of processes of cooperation between institutions, for example, between schools and German extracurricular structures as a part of school reform (adoption of the continuous working day with no extended lunch break), research work and evaluation of major European problems (migration, gentrification and rights to the city, social inequality, poverty, health), and supports for the development of European projects and seeking collaborative partners.

Additional information

Resource people: Petra Barz, social pedagogue, working for sixteen years in the field of educating young people and adults and developing projects on a European level. For Dock Europe, which she established, she has especially developed professional training sessions and European encounters for social workers. In addition, she has set up projects on questions of diversity and intercultural issues. She also engages in further education in the fields of social work and pedagogy. In the last few years she has particularly followed the process of school reform in Germany.

Urte Bliesemann, social pedagogue has worked for several years in the field of young people and sports and social security for children. In 2006 she joined Dock Europe and carries out projects aimed at intercultural encounters for young people in difficulty and social workers. For the mobility projects she specifically manages organisational and communication issues as well as individual support.


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