Operational Guidance for Comprehensive Sexuality Education: A focus on Human rights and Gender – United Nations Population Fund

The right of access to comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) is grounded in fundamental human rights and is a means to empower young people to protect their health, well-being and dignity. This Operational Guidance sets out UNFPA’s framework for CSE, which is one of five prongs to UNFPA‘s Adolescent and Youth Strategy. This document guides UNFPA’s support to governments and other partners as CSE programmes, both in and out of school, are designed, implemented and evaluated. Building on current standards, it outlines steps to identify priorities, implement actions and evaluate outcomes – providing country-specific examples, tools for programme managers and technical advisers.

The guide is available here: http://www.unfpa.org/sites/default/files/pub-pdf/UNFPA_OperationalGuidance_WEB3.pdf


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