The Training Centres for the Promotion of Progressive Education


The Training Centres for the Promotion of Progressive Education (CEMEA) in Russia are non-profit organisations aimed at promoting access to education in partnership with citizens and legal entities. For a number of years, important initiatives in this area have been implemented by the city of Chelyabinsk various education and youth organisations and the FICEMEA.

The main aim of the Centre relates to the acquisition and sharing of ideas concerning active learning and the inclusion of children and adults in diverse community activities that are characterised by a positive educational and social aspect. These activities strive to assist children and young people to live in peace within society.

The main aim of the association is the implementation of activities that have an active learning role, the sharing of modern educational ideas, developing innovation, developing professional skills, nurturing the creative potential of the teaching staff and representing the interests of the association’s members but nationally and internationally.

Operational goals

  1. Create a database relating to active learning methods in the Chelyabinsk region;
  2. Produce, publish and distribute information leaflets regarding the potential of active learning methods in the Chelyabinsk Region;
  3. Pinpoint and support activities implementing active learning methods, promote educational support in the Chelyabinsk Region (programs, manuals, methodological recommendations);
  4. Identify and develop interregional and international contacts relating to the development and facilitation of active learning methods;
  5. Organise and participate in scientific learning activities;
  6. Develop active learning methods by organising seminars, exhibitions, conferences, forums, etc;
  7. Be a resource centre for active learning methods.
  8. Issue publications on scientific and educational research.


Our recently founded association seeks to develop an idea of education based on individual and collective emancipation.

The Chairman of the Association, Kislyakov Alexey, is the Head of the Department of Education and Vocational Education of the Chelyabinsk Institute of Retraining and Improvement of Professional Skills of Educators.

He completed his doctoral thesis in 2000: “Training future educators in active learning and creation during the professional education training process”

He is also: Managing Consultant concerning issues regarding the development of the education system within the Chelyabinsk region at the “Youth in Action” international training project organised by FICEMEA (2009 at Chelyabinsk, 2011 in Brussels, 2011 in Paris).



Centre d’Assistance à la Diffusion des méthodes de Pédagogies Actives
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