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Created in 1989, the Association des Amis du Belvédère has always brought together volunteering citizens, conscious of preserving the ecological and cultural heritage of this 110-hectare urban Park, the only real greenbelt right in the heart of the city of Tunis. During its first meeting on 10 March 1989, the association sets three guiding objectives in its approach:

Protecting the ecological balance of the Park, whilst meeting the needs of its visitors

Brining the park to life with creative and educational activities

Encouraging the creation of green spaces and urban parks modelled on Belvédère in other areas of Tunis or in other cities in the country

Formed in 1986, the Association des Amis du Belvédère has been created in order to object to a road infrastructure project. This project wanted to separate the historic park from the city of Tunis: Belvedere Park.

Since, AAB has contributed to the preservation of the unique cultural heritage, this space is the heart and soul of the capital Tunis which meets the needs of users: cultural and sports events, environmental education, training of young people, participation in decision-making processes in many institutions: city of Tunis, Ministry of the Environment…

The target audience is varied and depends on the nature of the projects and actions carried out: academic, students, educators and youth workers, wider audience on issues of sustainable development durable, neighbouring population of the park.

For 25 years, the work of AAB has mainly been based on the contribution of national and international volunteers who often experts in different fields: education, landscaping, agriculture, life and earth sciences, great writers and artists.

Youth involvement has become the leading source of energy in the work of AAB.

Financial partners: city of Tunis, UNDP, French Embassy, European Commission, private partners.

Thanks to its location in the heart of the park, AAB develops income-generating products and activities: olive oil, honey, vegetable compost, organisation of educational activity and leisure activities.

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Les Amis du Belvédère

BP 349

1002 Le Belvédère – Tunis

Tél : 216 20 555 838


Emna Charfi


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