UN Women: Gender equality, child development and job creation: How to reap the ‘triple dividend’ from early childhood education and care services

This brief synthesizes research findings, analysis and policy recommendations for realizing the triple dividend from early childhood education and care (ECEC) services. As those who carry out the bulk of childcare—as unpaid caregivers as well as service providers in day-care and preschool institutions—women have a huge stake in this issue. However, the implications for women, as mothers or childcare workers, have been insufficiently reflected in the work of international organizations and many national-level policies that tend to focus mainly on children.

This document is available here: http://www2.unwomen.org/~/media/headquarters/attachments/sections/library/publications/2015/unwomen-policybrief02-genderequalitychilddevelopmentandjobcreation-en.pdf?v=1&d=20151216T170713


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