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Operational Guidance for Comprehensive Sexuality Education: A focus on Human rights and Gender – United Nations Population Fund

The right of access to comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) is grounded in fundamental human rights and is a means to empower young people to protect their health, well-being and dignity. This Operational Guidance sets out UNFPA’s framework for CSE, which

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Access of young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to social rights – Recommendation of Ministers of the Council of Europe

Non-formal education/learning and youth work have again and again proven effective in helping young people to find approaches and solutions to overcome the disadvantage they experience and to become active and constructive contributors to the development of their communities and

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UNESCO: The World Heritage in Young Hands – Educational Resource Kit for teachers

The World Heritage in Young Hands Educational Resource Kit for secondary school teachers is one of the main tools of the World Heritage Education Programme. It aims to sensitize young people to the importance of preserving their local, national and

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Study: The Case for Investing in Young People – United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

This paper presents evidence and analysis to support the integration of young people’s rights, needs, and aspirations in poverty reduction strategies. It shows how to make a convincing and evidence-based case for prioritizing the needs of young people among other

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The Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education

Learning in education for democratic citizenship and human rights education is a lifelong process. Effective learning in the area involves a wide range of stakeholders including policy makers, educational professionals, learners, parents, educational institutions, educational authorities, civil servants, non-governmental organisations,

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UNICEF Report : For every child, a fair chance – The promise of equity

UNICEF’s commitment to equity – giving a fair chance in life to every child, everywhere, especially the most disadvantaged – is built on the conviction that it is right in principle and evidence that it is right in practice. This

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Manifesto: Educate towards environment and sustainable development – So that Europe takes action

Environmental education towards sustainable development (EESD) is a necessity for our societies. Since the challenges are growing and becoming more complex, this education requires more than ever the implementation of voluntary and consistent policies at a European level. However, the

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UNESCO: A teacher’s guide on the prevention of violent extremism

This is UNESCO’s first Teacher’s Guide on the Prevention of Violent Extremism through education. This document has been developed to enhance its capacity to provide assistance to countries as they work to strengthen their education sector responses to violent extremism,

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UN Women: Gender equality, child development and job creation: How to reap the ‘triple dividend’ from early childhood education and care services

This brief synthesizes research findings, analysis and policy recommendations for realizing the triple dividend from early childhood education and care (ECEC) services. As those who carry out the bulk of childcare—as unpaid caregivers as well as service providers in day-care

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Youth participating in community life: Implementing human rights projects in the Middle East and North Africa – Lessons learned and good practices

This publication is one of the main tools developed through the Mosharka project. It captures the lessons learned and good practices for engaging young people in the promotion of human rights, including working towards implementing recommendations from the Universal Periodic

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