THE FICEMEA tomorrow: towards more international solidarity and cooperation!

From 10 to 13 February 2020, a large number of representatives of FICEMEA’s member organisations met in Liège, Belgium!

A moment of reflection, sharing and internationalism, the Federation’s favourite recipe.

The objectives of this meeting were to build together tomorrow, new ways of disseminating our tools and practices, to rethink the internal workings of our network and to continue to promote and appreciate our principles on an international scale!

The opportunity to be able to analyse together the contents of the FICEMEA kit containing the various publications produced by the members of our network, and to see new collective ideas germinate for the dissemination of our tools!

Thanks to their fruitful exchanges, the members have set up a new operating and communication strategy, with the wish to enlarge the IF network and to strengthen the capacity of each regional commission of our federation for its own development!

One thing is certain, FICEMEA members confirm the importance of developing partnerships on a global scale, of continuing the pursuit of building bridges between our countries and cultures, the richness of our movement!

We invite you to follow closely the projects of FICEMEA, which is getting a new look, developing so many joint projects today and is determined to continue tomorrow!

Groupe Vocal “C’est des Canailles !”
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